About Me

I’m Cynthia Ranjeeta.

Master wordweaver, BRAND storyteller, content strategist.

I love the written word. I love to tell stories. And I’m here to tell your brand story, just the way you want it.

I believe your business is here to make a difference to lives. Make it stand out with the power of engaging web content that drives leads home.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about me and what I do:

So what do you do exactly?

I’m a wordweaver— I breathe life and soul into words, weave them to create magic, and then let that magic take over your business website. Technically, I’m a business writer, web copywriter, ghostwriter, blogger, and author, and I work for small and medium businesses, solopreneurs, and creative professionals. I also guide new writers to reach their full potential through sage advice dished out on my blog.

How are you different from other writers?

You said it there— others are simply writers. But I make dreams come true by helping people give shape to their website content. As a result of a journalistic background, my writing, editing, and proof-reading skills are sharp and precise, ensuring error-free copies. As a strategic, rational thinker, I’m a sucker for beautiful language and its correct usage, and I work on a copy until it’s pretty much perfect. As an artist curating words, I’m brimming with ideas and am always excited to give them shape and form. I consider this a soulful biz, where you don’t have to sell your soul or conscience in order to do business.

What’s your USP?

I’m here to make a difference with the help of the written word. Writing is like breathing to me. I write for money, but I also write because it allows me to make a difference to somebody else’s life. It is what I find meaning in. What else gives meaning to my life? Helping others.

If you face physical, personal, or social challenges, and want to start your own online business, then I can help you. If you run a small, home-based business and would like to reach more people with a website and blog, then I can help you. I’ve helped several people, most of them women, start their own online businesses and seen them thrive. If you’re a new writer needing help with finding your way, I can guide you too.

How long have you been at it?

I’ve been a full-time, professional writer for more than three years.

Who have you worked with so far?

Some of my most ambitious projects have been for…

Coast Digital and HS Comm (digital marketing agencies)
Brighter Dental, The Hills Center, and Lyons Pharmacy (healthcare concerns)

Lucknam Park (hotel and spa)
Myntra, Zobello, First Cry, Amazon, and Medela (e-commerce portals)
Her World Plus and Self.com (lifestyle mags)
ModernWedding and Bride to Be (wedding blogs)
Shazcor and DDecor (lifestyle brands)
Brainpulse Technologies and Ultimate IT (software companies)

Do you offer other services, like website designing?

No, I don’t. I know very little of HTML, Java, CSS, and other such things. But I do have an eye for design, and have helped some of my clients choose the proper theme, layout, and colours for their site. I’m always available for a consultation.

What else do you have up your sleeves?

I’m a singer, and it’s my lack of interest in showbiz that prevented me from taking it up professionally, despite having the talent and the training. I’m fascinated with Celtic and New Age music, and am a master of the a capella. I also bake, do a bit of gardening, and volunteer with support groups. I totally adore Nature, different languages, flowers, little children, animals and birds, and kitties. Find my book here and my music here.

Now, something fun: What’s a little nugget of information we don’t know about you?

Between you and me, okay? I detest city life. I’m the happiest when I’m away from the city, surrounded by trees and greenery, singing, and writing in my journal, with the wind whistling past me and ruffling my hair. And if it’s raining, even better.

If you want a friendly, funny (in a good way!), and warm writer who knows her craft real well, you’ve come to the right place. Work isn’t a chore for me; it’s fun.


What’s your brand story?

Contact me today! Let’s get this story started!