Terms & Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions that you agree to as a customer of my freelance writing business.


Since I need to understand your business, products and/or services to be able to create content for your website, I will require certain kinds of information from you. Any information you share with me over email, or in any other way, will be kept strictly confidential. If required, I am also willing to sign an NDA before being given access to additional information about your company, products, and/or services before the start of work.

Unique, original content

All content that I write is completely original, unique, and crafted by my own fair hands. If two or more clients ask for a post on the same topic, I will write each post from scratch without duplication. In case you are dissatisfied, you are welcome to verify the uniqueness of the content using any of the free or paid online tools available.

Rates, Refunds, and Revisions

The rates of all services are fixed, and if you require a custom quote it should be agreed upon before work begins. Seventy per cent of the total budget is to be paid in advance at the start of work, and the rest within two weeks of completion of the project. If no request for a revision has been made within three days of project submission, I will send my invoice. All payments should be made via Paypal. Any and all fees once paid are non-refundable.

Please be assured that I do my very best to make sure a piece of work is seamless, error-free, and helps you achieve your goals. I offer three revisions, and you will not have to pay additional fees for it, unless the scope of work changes.

Example of a revision within the scope of work: You order a 500 word article on healthcare marketing, but afterwards you decide you would like the post to focus more on promoting small to medium sized dental practices. In this case, you would not be charged for the revision or a new post.

Example of a revision that changes the scope of work: You order a 500 word article on healthcare marketing, but afterwards you decide you would like a 1,000 word blog on promoting home-based bakeries. In this case, you would be charged for both the article and the blog.


Please note that as a professional writer, I do not offer exclusivity to any one company or individual. Requests for the same, therefore, will not be entertained.

If you have any question or would like to know more about my services and policies, please feel free to contact me.