Q: How did you get into writing erotica?

Ah, yes. How did an innocent little girl discover her dirty side?

I’d like to begin with a clarification: I do not write erotica. I write adult romance.

When I say ‘adult’, it does not indicate only sexual themes. My content explores various dark themes– abuse, trauma, suicide, child abandonment, forbidden relationships, death, to name a few. Erotic content is all about titillating the audience. My stories are meant to reach places erotica never can.

I grew up without the computer or the internet. Books were my life and soul, and I discovered classic adult literature at a very young age. Of course, the school library would not stock those kinds of books, so I had to come up with sneaky ways to get my hands on them. The seemingly innocent little girl had ceased to be either of those long before the world could recognise.

As I grew older and started making my mark as a storyteller, something felt severely lacking in the newer erotic content. I was appalled at the loose storylines, the weak characters, the third-rate language, and the mindless sex. It all seemed directed at lonely, horny people only there for some sexual stimulation. I kept thinking, “I can write better than that.”

And so I did. I started writing the kind of stories I would love to read. Very soon, I found my signature style– bold, articulate, real, unabashed. Yes, there would be wild, breathless, mind-blowing sex, but there would also be strong characters, a well-developed plot, passionate connections, and human elements that last longer than an orgasm. It would make you smile and cry, give you butterflies and turn you on, frustrate and devastate you.

I write for myself, but when I began to share it with the world and realised there are people who want something deeper than porn without plot, I stuck to writing adult fiction. It became my forte. It freed me in ways I cannot explain.

You will never get weak, hollow tales from me. If you want a quick wank, please go elsewhere. Stay, if you want passionate storytelling to consume your heart and soul and leave you craving more.

I have not read erotic literature in over ten years and no longer will . Why have others create fantasies for me when I can create my own?

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