The Gift of the Heart

While some nations, including the US, celebrate Mothers Day today, it makes me wonder if giving birth alone makes one a mother. For childless women, days like this can be heartbreaking. The gifts and flower displays, Mother’s Day events, and watching children do special things for their mums often leave them feeling gutted. We tend to jump to the wrong conclusions when we learn that a woman does not have children. Maybe she is frigid. Maybe she is too selfish and self-absorbed. Maybe she is too ambitious to become a mother. People rarely open their hearts enough to know the real reason. Was she barren? Did she not have the right partner? Did she choose to pursue her career rather than have a family? Would it not be all right if she was childless by choice?

All through life, I have met several women who do not have their own biological children but are mothers, nevertheless. If one volunteers at the children’s hospital, mothering kids undergoing cancer treatment, then another gives all her love to an orphaned girl. If one mothers her niece better than anyone, then the other is the most devoted stepmother. Several dedicated teachers mother thousands of students every day, while there are others who care for orphaned or rescued animals.

The fact that you do not have a biological child does not diminish the beauty your love brings to this world. Ignore the detractors. Do not listen to people. Open your heart and embrace whatever or whoever needs love. You can mother the world without ever bearing a child. When you spread your love and nurture what needs your touch, it grows your soul. Bless the world with tender care, notice what others do not, hold in your arms what may otherwise be unloved. We need mothers who nurture the world with the gift of their heart.

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